Clown Costume Ideas

Looking for adult clown costume ideas for Halloween this year?  We have a wide selection of the most popular adult clown costumes around!

There is something about the persona of a clown which draws us to it – it is the cheerfulness or the happy-go-lucky attitude! There is the mask which hides the real emotions and indeed the intentions of the person wearing them. There is laughter, but often you can detect immense pathos behind it.

It is no surprise then that clowns have often been important characters in our stories, theatre and movies. An obvious example is The Joker from Batman, who was always a fascinating character but has new achieved immortality thanks to that legendary portrayal by Heath Ledger.

Batman Dark Night The Joker Deluxe Plus Adult Costume

Your costume includes the horrific Joker mask, the bizarre purple coat with attached dress shirt, vest, and tie, and purple pin-striped pants for look that is other-worldly, to say the least!

Clown On The Town  Adult Costume

includes: A bright multi-colored jacket with plaid lapels, attached vest/shirt front with bowtie, and big gold buttons. Matching pants are also included in this fun style.

Therefore it is a given fact that the adult clown costume will be a big hit at Halloween celebration. There are any numbers of adult clown costumes that one could go for. For example, The Wicked Jester Costume which is a classic red and black ensemble. It also has a double poly knit shirt and pants with a black sash at the waist. Apart from that there is a skull mask with a macabre smile which is actually quite deadly.

Vile Jester Adult Costume

Vile Jester costume includes a double knit polyester shirt, matching pants, waist sash, headpiece, and character mask. It’s the look that kills, chills, and thrills!

Psycho Clown Adult Costume

includes: Pants, shirt, and Mask everything you need to pull off the Psycho Clown costume

Both men and women could try the unisex Big Top adult Clown costume which harks back to the days of the circus. This has an oversized multicolor vest and trousers combination teamed with satin tail coats, hat, gloves and striped socks.

Harry The Hobo Clown Adult Plus Costume

This clown may have fallen on some hard times, but he hasn’t lost his silly spirit. Costume features ultra suede-like jacket with colorful patches, frayed hem and red flower accent on jacket pocket. Also includes plaid sleeveless shirt, floppy neck tie and bandanna satchel. Button closure. Now you’re ready to dumpster dive, hitch hike and sleep on train cars.

Horny the Clown Adult Costume

This clown is uncut and uncensored! He appears like most clowns in his colorful clown top, collar and pants, but this clown has a surprise in his pants… when you hear him “BOING”, you’ll get more than you bargained for when his jack-in-the-box pops out to say “hello”. Just press the hand-held pump to make the sound and make all the girls laugh, because let’s face it… it’s kind of your job.

Clown (Female) Adult Costume

includes: A satin polka-dotted dress featuring mini ruffles along the neckline, hemline and on the puffy sleeves, attached aqua chest piece, and perky pocket details. Sexy striped thigh high stockings, bowtie, bloomers and a headband featuring an attached mini-top hat is also included in this cute clown costume.

Check Out More Adult Clown Costumes

For really dramatic impact you might want to try the inflatable adult clown costume, which comes with a checkered jump suit and a fan operated by battery to keep the suit inflated. To dispel the dark overtones of Halloween night why not be different and instill a little cheer in the people.

Go for the Snazzy Harpo Hoop clown costume and let the merriment begin. This comprises of a brightly colored costume complete with ruffled collar, hat and jump suit with a hoop inside so that you look well rounded!

Clowns can also have a risqué side to them. Sexy adult clown costumes can be quite a riot on Halloween night. Take this one for instance. You will make one hell of a hot vixen in this outfit – a colorful clown hat, halter top and attached collar, puff sleeves, matching skirts and thigh high stockings. Sure to raise the spirits!

Clowns have since antiquity played an important function in society, that of inspiring a few laughs and enlivening our dull and boring existence. This Halloween let them extend this service to the people of this world and above.

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