Batman Halloween Costume Ideas

Want to be the ultimate Batman for Halloween this year? Here you will find some of the most popular, creative and amazing Batman Halloween costume ideas and costumes around including the Dark Knight Costume!

Who else but the dark knight, the brooding caped crusader – Batman to make Halloween night interesting. This Gotham city denizen will prowl the mean streets of your city on Halloween night, to keep them free of crime and evil!

Batman with his association with bats and other things nocturnal, as well as the color black, what with his black cape, black automobile and black everything is a natural for Halloween. It is no wonder then that Batman costumes fly off the shelves quicker than anything. These are available in various sizes to cater to children, teens and adults.

Batman Dark Knight Adult Costume

includes a black top featuring chiseld muscles worthy of a billionaire playboy on the torso and screen printed sleeves made to look like armor, matching pants with attached boot tops, full over the head character mask featuring the Dark Knight’s signature cape and a rubber Batman utility belt.

Batman Halloween costumes come in both the inexpensive and authentic ranges depending upon the customers’ preference.

For the die- hard Batman buff, Batman costumes pertaining to other characters associated with Batman, such as Robin, Batgirl and the Joker too are available. Considering the icon status that Heath Ledger acquired after his untimely death, the Joker costume has seen exceptional demand this time round.

Batman Dark Knight The Joker Costume

includes the horrific Joker mask, the bizarre purple coat with attached dress shirt, vest, and tie; and purple pin-striped pants to complete the crazy businessman look you’ve got going on!

For children there is an excellent range of Deluxe Child Batman Begins costumes, which consists of the headpiece and attached cape, along with a muscle jump suit, which has boot tops attached to it along with the characteristic Batman belt. Wearing it a child really looks like he has walked in from the sets of the movie Batman begins, except for his size of course.

Batman Dark Knight Child Costume

includes a sculpted muscle chest shirt jumpsuit with “armor” screen print on the pants portion, a Batman Mask/headpiece, a full length cape and Batman utility belt. What to wear for a night out on the town!

Grown up men of course can go for the Deluxe Adult Dark Knight costume to feel the part. This authentic looking costume comprises of jump suit showing off a muscular chest, and has boot tops attached to it. It also has a gold belt, black cape and classic Batman headpiece. Batman is now all ready to respond to the distress signal on Halloween night!

Batman Dark Knight Grand Heritage Costume

The Batman Dark Knight Batman costume is from the Grand Heritage Collection and includes a black bodysuit to be worn under the molded armor pieces, gauntlets, Batman utility belt, black cape and boot covers.

An over-the-head mask with extended neck piece that can be tucked into the bodysuit is also included to complete this authentic Batman costume.

Now, it’s your turn to show the mob and the criminaly insane villains of Gotham who the city really belongs to.

If you are the kind who think that a macabre joke or two will keep the evil spirits at bay, the Joker costume is the one for you. Wear a true Joker Dark Knight costume with a genuine long jacket, purple in color, along with an attached shirt, a tie and a green vest. Team that with matching purple pants having pin stripes and a joker mask of good quality, and you are ready to crack a joke which is wicked.

Batgirl Deluxe Adult Costume

includes black mini dress with yellow bat logo, attached black cape, glovelets, black character eyemask (may differ slightly from shown), yellow vinyl belt, and black boot tops.





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Halloween night owes a debt of gratitude to DC Comics! So no matter what Batman Halloween costume you decide on get out there and experience the dark side of Gothic City in the ultimate Batman costume!

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