Cat Halloween Costumes

Looking to dress up as a cat this year or even dress up your cat?  Below you will find some of the most popular and creative cat Halloween costumes for both you and your cat!

Halloween is here and be sure to cheer, but don’t forget to check your feline. Here you can do both – dress up like one and dress up that little one as well, just like costumes that are floating around this Halloween.

According to an English proverb, “In a cat’s eye, all things belong to a cat” – so do the costumes and the look of Halloween. And this is no surprise as pet lovers are sure to dress the cat and dogs to wits end. And by far, pet costumes have now become the new business avenue for many.

Some of the most popular cat Halloween costumes are the king and queen cat styles for the royal feline who apes the look effortlessly, and royal charisma that trails with them. A robe on their body and a crown makes it all perfect.


Queen Dog Or Cat Costume – Pet Costume

Queen Dog or Cat Costume – This Costume includes Queen Pet costume cape and a Queen Pet costume crown made to fit your dog or cat. This Costume is available in size Sm, Md & Large. This will make a perfect costume on your dog or cat!




Other cat Halloween costumes are cladding them with wings of angels, bat wings or insect wings in sync with Halloween. Or one can opt for a Sultan hat or a mermaid – which the cat may not approve with a discomforting extension of a fish.



Dog Or Cat Costumes: Bumble Bee Jacket

Show just how cute your cat or puppy can be in this Bumble Bee Jacket Pet Halloween Costume. Pick this Bumble Bee Costume and your pet will be a hit at any party



To top it all will be the Cat from hell look with a red cape and matching red horns or the popular Cat in the Hat costume which includes a black and white jumpsuit with a tail and a red and white striped oversized top hat.



Cat Halloween Costumes For Women & Girls:



Femme Feline Adult Costume

includes: A tiger print top, a matching skirt with faux fur trim, a black tail, and a coordinating character headband. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag! If you’re a flirtatious feline, this is the costume for you!






Purrfectly Pretty Kitty Adult Costume

Meow! Meow! ME-OW!! The Pussy Cat costume includes black dress with pink lace, also includes arm warmers, kitty head band, tail, and bell choker.





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Making a cat Halloween costume can have variations. Either it is merely adding the felt tail, kitty ears with a black/ gray, brown or stripes leotard or a jumpsuit and leggings, or it is the head to toe full outfit.

Create ears by stuffing black socks in a triangular fashion then attach them to a head band creating ears.  To complete the look, the make up must have the black on the nose with some whiskers painted on the face.   This is for the home made option that you can get together or the alternative is purchasing the full cat Halloween costume that is available in stores.

Whatever you decide just have fun and be creative with your cat Halloween costumes!

So gear up, sit graceful and meow!

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    Looks like you have found a number of great cat costume options for Halloween for both your human and feline friends! The biggest day is right around the corner. Good luck!

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