Eighties Costumes | 80s costume

Are you a child of the eighties or just plain love the eighties? Are you looking for just the right eighties costume to impress your friends?

Well with just a few good ideas and a little creativity you can have a great 80s costume in no time.

80s costume party girl

80s Party Girl Adult Costume

Costume includes a hot pink spaghetti string top with black lace pink ruffle skirt, black colored waist bow, pink cuffs with black lace and black lace leggings.

Michael Jackson Thriller Costume

Michael Jackson Thriller Adult Costume

Includes fully reversible red replica jacket as seen in the Thriller video with black v stripped accents and black zipper.  Also included is the matching red pants. Put this on and get ready to rock as the renowned talented king of pop.

80’s Diva Adult Costume

includes: A wicked hair bow attached to a barrette, black dress with pink polkadots and a totally cool layered tulle skirt, polka dot tulle wristbands, fingerless fishnet gloves, metal chain belt, and boy shorts with attached fishnet leggings.

Rock God 80s Adult Costume

includes:a knit shirt with guitar screen-print and fringe trim, stretch velvet pants, vinyl belt, brown fringe boot tops, scarf and headband. Don’t forget one of our Rock Star or Mullet wigs (sold separately) to complete this totally awesome costume!

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Popular Eighties Costumes

A 1987 Popular Girl: Do you remember these girls? They were the ones that got all of the attention everywhere they went. So, to emulate that look, all you need to do is find a long sleeved shiny metallic shirt that has small buttons on the shirt tail. This shirt should be long enough to hang over your hips and should have a brocade print. You can also wear this shirt with or without a big belt that will hang off.

Next, you have to find a long straight skirt that has a slit up to at least half way its length at the back. You will also require 3 different colors of knee high socks that coordinate. You can tie the outfit off with ankle high granny boots; wear various metallic bracelets, and a variety of lengths of necklaces. You are also going to need to have long hair that you can pull off with a wig that also has short sides and bangs. These bangs are going to need to be teased into a waterfall style and styled with colored mousse.

Other 80s Costume Ideas:

The 80’s Look: You remember the clothes of the 80’s don’t you? For that perfect 80’s look you will require a large sweater or a tight t-shirt, a large belt, side ponytail for a girl feathered back look for a guy, large scrunchie tights for the girls and Levi jeans for the guys, and high-top shoes.

Prepster: Do you recall the preps? Remember the clothes that they always wore? You will need to pull your old penny loafers out of your closet, high water chinos, and a polo shirt that has the collar turned up. You should also finish up your costume with Raybans and a blazer with your old high schools crest on it.

Al Bundy: Who can forget the show Married with Children? For this you will need brown polyester pants, and white short-sleeve dress shirt that has a pocket. You have to sew or Iron on Al patch onto the shirt. A playboy rolled up and placed in your back pocket, and finally the remote control should be tucked into your front shirt pocket.

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