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Looking for a awesome Elvis Halloween costume?  Here you will find the best Elvis Presley Costume ideas out there!

If Halloween is just around the corner and you are still pondering over the need for a not too complicated yet eye-catching costume for your kid or yourself, don’t think further. Recreate the magic of this King of Rock and Roll who set the entire world in a rage with his hip swiveling, funky music in your forthcoming Halloween.

Right from the bouffant hair wigs down to those flashy black or white shoes, costumes stores have plenty of shimmering, sequined jumpsuits and accessories that just scream Elvis!

Elvis Adult Costume

includes: American eagle jumpsuit, with your enormous eagle belt and accented with with a printed red, gold, and blue eagle design and dazzling gold stars–and a swanky red scarf

Elvis Baby Costume

Elvis Baby Costume

Includes the Elvis full piece baby bunting suit with matching Elvis gold, sliver and blue sequin.  Costume also has red v-neck and matching red bottom.

Elvis Deluxe Adult Costume

Includes: one spectacular jumpsuit that is designed to dazzle the fans! Mostly white, it features a star-spangled “eagle” beaded and embroidered appliqué across the front, star embellishments on sleeves, and a zip front low v-neck with high collar and wide lapels. Also included is an equally detailed wide belt that features four American eagle emblems on the large buckles, and dangling gold pocket chains hang from the belt at each hip. Finishing this ensemble is a brilliant red scarf and flared pant leg insets to match.

Elvis Gold Satin Suit Deluxe Costume

replica of Elvis’ famous 1957 suit he wore performing at the Amphitheatre in Chicago! This suit includes: gold pants and a button up suit jacket with contrast disco-dot lapels, wig can be purchased separately.

The Elvis Presley costume comes in different sizes including toddler, child, adult and even plus sizes. Some stores even offer Elvis costumes for babies which come in the form of a soft, white bunting. Elvis’ wig comes in the form of a bonnet and to transform the little one into an Elvis, some stores even have a small guitar attached to the bunting jumpsuit. This costume is sure to draw oohs and aahs when you go with your kids and the baby for trick and treat.

Child Elvis Toddler Costume

The Child Elvis Toddler ensemble includes a jailhouse rockin’ jumpsuit with intricate red, blue and gold beading in the shape of an eagle and classic Elvis flare bottoms. A signature King style red scarf and ornately designed belt are also included in this legendary look.

Most often these are white, black or blue jumpsuits that have either have several gold sequins and gold chains sewed to it while some come in plain white or black. Some sell a golden colored cape as well to provide the authentic touch. But an Elvis jumpsuit is not enough to send the floor reeling and shaking.

Elvis Deluxe Wig Adult


Elvis Signature Glasses Gold


Elvis Microphone With Speaker for MP3 Device


Check Out More Elvis  Presley Costumes & Accessories!

Several stores provide Elvis accessories to transform you or your child into the rock icon himself. The most famous is the Rock legend’s wig. The wigs are generally made of synthetic hair and most come with the most luxurious sideburns, one of the biggest and famous trademarks of the King of Rock and Roll.

Also available are those bold and dashing, round and huge golden framed or silver framed glasses. These come with lenses that are brown tinted. To add more zing to your Elvis jumpsuit, stores also stock red scarves that can be wound around your neck. To top it all, some stores even offer a black and glittery microphone so that you can stand outside and croon some Elvis numbers for the benefit of your audience. So just be Elvis this Halloween!

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