Gothic Vampire Costume Ideas

Looking for a dark and mysterious costume for Halloween?  A gothic vampire costume just might be the right fit for you!

The medieval period of European history is a fertile breeding ground for the most dark, brooding and mysterious imagery. It is no wonder then that so much of western theatre, folk, art and motion picture movies, such as Interview with a Vampire staring Tom Cruise, are inspired by it. This is especially true when one takes into account the popularity of the Gothic Vampire costume during Halloween events.

One can go truly creative, or shall we say bizarre when it comes to choosing a costume centered on this theme. The possibilities that come to mind are endless.  Here are a couple Gothic vampire costume and vampira costume ideas to keep in mind when costume shopping!



Gothic Vampira Elite Collection Adult Costume

includes: flowing full length lace trimmed Black crushed panne and deep Red shimmer satin gown trimmed with Black loop braid and antique Silver gothic buttons. Also includes jeweled velvet choker and tulle and lace full petticoat.

Grown up men too can opt for a typically Gothic vampire costume. This can be a layered and many hued dress consisting of a Burgundy brocade vest with attached white satin shirt sleeves and a full length black and Burgundy cape. The picture of intimidating elegance!

Gothic Vampire Elite Collection Adult Costume

includes: a Burgundy velvet vest with attached low sheen White satin shirt sleeves trimmed with antique Silver gothic buttons, dickie with ascot scarf collar, flowing full length Black satin cape lined in a deep Red with stand up collar and gothic chain & button closure. Also includes a pair of white gloves and a jeweled medallion on a Red satin ribbon. Pair with the Gothic Vampira for a striking couples costume.

Of course no gothic vampire costume, be it of the male or female variety, is complete without depictions of fangs and blood. To complete the ghoulish look wigs, teeth and other accessories are very important.

Count Bloodthirst Adult Costume

includes: A black long sleeved shirt featuring an blood red vest with chain accents and a ruby red ascot and a detachable lined cape with a high collar.

Blood Vampiress Adult Costume

No one will turn you down if you try to get a little midnight snack in this black-to-burgundy ombre gown and matching belt and choker with collar. You may vont to suck his blood, and he’ll probably let you, because you’re just so darn hot.

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The costumes for children in this genre are truly whacky. Most kids have a strong streak of mischief in them and this gets fully unleashed during Halloween. The depiction of a mean streak on the otherwise angelic faces of small boys and girls, when accentuated by a typically outlandish Gothic Vampire costume looks very cute indeed.

Imagine your eight year old boy in a scaled down Gothic Vampire costume, consisting of a one piece costume with interesting attachments like a  back crushed velvet cape attached to the back of the shirt. A collar and a cape would be attached to a velvet vest with gold thread and buttons. Your little boy is now a picture of Gothic menace!

Because vampires are creatures of the dark, and Gothic themes are of the same hue, the clothing associated with this genre too tends to be dark. Typically a Gothic costume would be best represented by old fashioned suits for men and long flowing dresses for women. There are numerous themes, which can be said to represent the Gothic vampire costume genre. These include a valet wearing a cloak and a hood, a well heeled Mr. Invisible, the Count Dracula himself in all his sartorial finery and macabre personal, a well dressed Gothic lady vampire and so on. The pre-requisite in all this is elegant, dark and flowing clothes conveying a sense of sophistication and menace in equal measure.

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