Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Looking to dress up your puppy for Halloween, but don’t know what kind of costume to buy? Here you will find some of the most popular Halloween costumes for dogs so you can choose the cutest/best costume for your dog!

Who says that Halloween just has to be for the Homo sapiens? There are hundreds of dog lovers that even get their dogs into the Halloween festive spirit by dressing them up in some great costumes. Here are some of the more popular dog Halloween costumes for your little devil:

Pumpkin: Pumpkin Halloween costumes for dogs have been the number one pet costume for the last couple of years.



Pumpkin Dog Costume

The Pumpkin Dog Costume includes an orange tunic and a pumpkin top headpiece. Fresh from the patch and ready to carve out a special place in your heart! Ruffle some fur this Halloween, and dress to impress!


Jailbird: This great little outfit with the black and white strips will bring a smile and a chuckle to anyone who sees your dog. You can even add a little funny hat to complete the look and make your pet like a gentle-dog!




Zelda Prisoner Dog Costume

This poor pooch is breakin’ rocks and doing time, so his costume includes the traditional black and white striped shirt, pants, hat and lucky for him–a stuffed ball and chain!



Witch: The witch dog Halloween costumes are also in the top 5 most purchases pet costumes as who doesn’t want to see your puppy as the wicked witch, at least I am sure some dogs could play the part!



Candy Corn Witch Dog Costume

Candy Corn WitchãDog Costume – Your pooch will look as sweet as Halloween candy in this yummy Candy Corn witch costume! Includes dress and hat.




Devil: Ok, let’s retract that last statement because maybe not all the dogs are angels. To make him look devilish, all you will need is a bright red devil costume with a red cape and tie along with a pair of horns. After you have made him wear the entire costume, you will have your very own little devil.


Zelda Devil Dog Costume

This is one cute little devil! This costume includes a hot pop-up collar, a flowing cape and a cap with black horns; all in a bright firey-red!


Super Dog: Have you ever thought that your dog has super powers? Well if you do, then you should put him in red and blue tights and put a big S on his chest and you will have a super dog. You can top off this great outfit with either red boots or footie.



Superman Dog Costume

Faster than a speeding bullet, your dog could be the hit of any costume party in this great Superman suit!!! Includes a great Superman Chestpiece with an attached cape, belt.



Hot dog: Hot dog Halloween costumes for dogs are so cute especially on Dachshunds!


Hot-dog Dog Costume

Wrap your little pooch up in this hot dog costume with ketchup and mustard with two buns and he’ll be good enough to eat. You won’t find him at a hot dog stand, though, those stands have too many “No Dogs Allowed” signs and he wouldn’t want to get into trouble with the dog catcher.


Star Wars:  Of all the Star Wars dog Halloween costumes the Yoda costume has to be the cutest one, now if only your dog could talk like him he might say, “Halloween treat, me want”!



Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume

includes a Yoda character headpiece with ears and a jumpsuit with attached arms.




Bride and Groom: If you are looking for a great costume for two dogs then you should really consider this great one. Put a tux on one of your dogs, and a white frilly dress on the other.



Dapper Dog Costume

Costume features black pet jacket with good buttons, attached black bow tie, cape and white shirt. Also includes black top hat with elastic string to hold it in place. What a wedding it will be.




Bride Dog Costume

This Bride pet costume includes a White wedding dress outfit with attached character arms, and a veil (Veil is attached to the dog by a ribbon/elastic that is placed under the chin).




Pirate: This is a great one that both you and your dog can dress up as together. You can dress up as a pirate and put a patch on one of your dog’s eyes and a bandana around his neck and he can replace your parrot on your shoulder.



Zelda Pirate Dog Costume

includes a captain’s hat, a shirt with ragged sleeves, striped pants and a false arm/hook sleeve. He’s determined to get his booty!




Clown: If you happen to be one of those lucky dog owners that have a dog that will allow something on their nose for more than a few seconds, then this is a great costume idea. Even if you do not have a dog that will stand the nose they will still look pretty funny with the crazy wig and brightly colored clothes. Either way you will have a great looking clown!


Clown Pet Costume

Clown Dog Costume Headpiece with Paw Cuffs – This Clown Costume will keep you highly entertained–no circus necessary! Comes with 4 matching paw cuffs. 100% Polyester, hand wash.





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No matter what you decide to dress up your dog for Halloween make sure you bring your camera and take some pictures, as nothing is cuter than Halloween costumes for dogs!

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