Hannah Montana Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for the perfect Hannah Montana costume?  Here you will find some of the most popular, fashionable, fun and crazy Hannah Montana Halloween costume ideas!

“One in a million, yeah you are one in a million” echoes Hannah Montana the teenage icon living in the hearts of young girls worldwide. So what does she do right to evoke this response? The fun songs with positive lyrics for the young audience, the cool outfits that are modest and stylish – the perfect combination to exemplify, and lastly, a balanced, family oriented pop star make her a winner.

She is all in all a teen’s idea of a role model. So coming Halloween you can adorn her costume that speaks of a mixture of rage, pop star attitude, trendy looks and stylish feel. What else can you expect this season?

Hannah Montana Shapes Dress Child Costume

includes: Shapes Dress, Leggings, comes in child’s sizes small(4-6x) Medium (7-8) Large (10-12) Costume does not include wig, or bracelets.

While variations are in plenty, the look will revolve around a blonde straight hair wig, sequins clad top in any color or simply pink – this being Hannah’s top favorite.

hannah montana costume

Hannah Montana Movie Dress Child Costume

Costume features a multi-colored circle dress with a silver sequin star on the side and glittery blue collar with silver coin trim. Your little girl may be growing up fast, but you’ll always be her biggest fan.

A demin jacket combined with a denim mini skirt, or simply jeans and a glittery buckled belt. The look is incomplete without the trendy boots.

They should be accessorized with chunky jewellery like glittery chains, earrings, bold bangles and lastly a twist of scarf around the neck.

Hannah Montana Dress Child Costume

Black poka bots with black and white stripes on bubble skirt with attached hot pink t-shirt and belt with star.

The entire  Hannah Montana Halloween costume along with a mic will complete the look. How about singing the song “Mix it all together, and you know that it’s the best of both…worlds”?

Glitter Microphone

Includes a black microphone with a silver head. Now she’s ready to shine on stage and star as her alter ego

Check Out More Hannah Montana Costumes

With the basic look right, now its time to give you some Hannah Montana costume variations – but only in the clothes and accessories. The wig is the trademark and is the main transformer. So perfect that area first.

Driving a more glamorous role would be Hannah Montana Halloween Costume in Gold – styled with a gold metallic jacket with her logo matched with tunic top, black leggings and a stylish G belt.

Alternatively you can opt for the ruby red short jacket with a dress attached and a belt to add to the look.

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With high aspirations, a ready made Hannah Montana costume seems viable but it is an expensive affair. So it would be a wise idea to utilize something that is already in your wardrobe. This also makes it affordable and fun for both the parents and kids.

So this year you be the star with your once in a lifetime Hannah Montana Halloween Costume!

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