Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

One of the hottest costumes of the year is the Harry Potter Halloween Costume. Everybody right from kids to adults will be thrilled to see Harry Potter and other characters as these come to life with the Harry Potter Halloween Costumes. There are different varieties of costumes designed for adults and kids.

Harry Potter Halloween costumes for kids:

1) Child Harry Potter Costume: This costume is a long black robe which is made of polyester. There is a Gryffindor lion emblem which is printed on the left side of the chest and the hood is lined with maroon colored fabric. To have a complete look, the deluxe Harry Potter glasses and the Hogwarts Student Wizard Hat should be worn.

Harry Potter Premium Gryffindor Robe Child Costume

This premium deluxe hooded robe is made of luxurious black velvet and lined in burgundy satin with a front clasp and the Gryffindor Crest on the front. Perfect for Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and any of their other members of the Gryffindor House at Hogwarts!

2) Kids Malfoy Costume: Kids Malfoy Costume includes a black clasp. There is a polyester robe which is closed at the top. This robe is black in color. The sleeves of this costume are very long and there are green lines present inside the hood. On the left side of the chest, there is a Slytherin crest screen printed. Wearing of Slytherin Necktie or Malfoy Wand gives an amazing look to this costume.

Harry Potter Deluxe Slytherin Child Robe

Includes Black ankle length robe with attached hood, green accents, front close clasp and a screen printed Slytherin Crest on the front. Remember to pick up some of the great Harry Potter accessories to complete your costume!

3) Kids Deluxe Harry Potter Halloween Costume: This costume is black in color. On the left side of the chest, there is a Gryffindor emblem embroidered. The school name and mascot, the lion are featured on this emblem. Inside the robe’s hood and edges, maroon lines are present.

Harry Potter Deluxe Child Quidditch Robe

A wizard’s version of polo: Quidditch! The Harry Potter Quidditch Robe features Hogwart’s school colors – Crimson and gold! A long hooded robe with the Hogwart’s Crest is perfect for your little “seeker”.

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes For Adults:

1) Adult Harry Potter Costume: This costume is in black color. On the left side of the chest, there is a Gryffindor emblem printed. Along with the black button clip there are lightweight clasps on the robe. This symbolizes the famous Gryffindor house. To complete this iconic look, the Deluxe Harry Potter Glasses and the Harry Potter Wand should be worn.

Harry Potter Deluxe Robe Adult Costume

A Hogwart’s back-to-school basic! Includes a black robe with Gryffindor Crest appliqué, front clasp, and attached hood with Burgundy lining.

2) Adult Voldemort Costume: This costume is black in color and made of polyester material. This costume includes a floor-length robe. It has long sleeves that flare at the end and has a foam collar that stands up. The collar pulls on over the head. It has Velcro at the back. There are mask slips to cover the eyes and nose.

Harry Potter Adult Voldemort Costume

Includes full length black robe, Voldemort front face mask. Standard size fits most men up to jacket size 44.

3) Adult Gryffindor Costume: This costume is made of light weight material and is a long black hooded robe. On the left chest of the robe, an elaborately designed lion Gryffindor crest is present. On the front side and on the hood it is lined with a maroon fabric.

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Both adults and children can enjoy being their favorite Harry Potter character this Halloween, with their awesome Harry Potter Halloween Costume!  If you are short on cash you can also put together a costume by finding an old sheet for a cape, a stick for a wand, and some old glasses!  Just be creative with your Harry Potter Halloween costumes and be on your way to to starting a magical night!

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