Master Chief Halo 3 Costume

Halo 3 costume ideas comes from one of the number one games among gamers since the original release of Halo for the xbox almost 10 years ago. There have been many sleepless nights for people of all ages that play this game. People have loved the master chief character and the game, since the first time it hit the stores.

Also with the expected release of the Halo movie and the new Halo Reach, halo 3 costumes and Halo reach costumes should be and even more popular this year.

Until the last few years there have not been too many options for a decent looking halo 3 costume without either making it yourself or paying almost $1000.

Halo 3 Deluxe Master Chief Costume

Includes: Jumpsuit with EVA molded armor and two-piece helmet. Gloves, boot tops and shoes are Not included. This is an officially licensed Halo 3 costume.

There are now some costumes that you can buy for under $100 that look pretty good, but if you are a person that looks for the absolute best and want to impress everyone  with your master chief Halo 3 costume then there is an option for you that runs about $800-900, its the halo master chief collectors costume.

If you want to go all out and get a costume that costs $800 this should be one of the ones to consider, the detail to this costume are amazing. Below you will find the official Halo 3 master chief supreme edition adult costume which retails at around $800.

Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition Adult Costume

Includes: An excellent quality dark quilted jumpsuit with EVA molded armor, molded gauntlets, and boot tops. A two-piece deluxe Master Chief helmet is also included to complete this high quality ensemble.
*This is an officially licensed Halo 3 costume.*

Other than that if you are looking for halo 3 costumes that still look good and will impress people there are options under $100. If you go with one of the cheaper ideas, you can put a little bit more into it and get some Master Chief gloves to top off the costume, then you could also find a gun or a riffle from your local toy store for about $20.


Halo 3 Master Chief 1/2 Mask Adult




Halo 3 Gloves:

Special Ops Cannon

E-bay Result- Halo 3 Master Chief Costume

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The master chief halo 3 costume has been a popular costume since the games release, is there really any wonder why? Who doesn’t want to be the Master Chief rolling through Elites and the flood.

Master Chief is the ultimate soldier, he can jump out of flying planes without a Para-shoot, basically take out an entire army all by himself, handle any weapon like a pro, with that being said he can do pretty much anything you would need a soldier to do. This is why there are many die hard fans who go all out on Halloween and buy the halo master chief collectors costume, which is awesome if you love the game and have some money to spend on it!

If you are a die hard Halo 3 fan and want to show your buddies how you roll this year for Halloween what would be better then being the Halo 3 Master Chief himself.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your master chief halo 3 costume then just buy some of the accessories and be creative and design the rest of the costume.  There are many different weapons in the halo 3 game try designing your favorite one out of wood or cardboard and use that as part of the costume accessories.  This is a fun costume Halloween costume idea either way!

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  1. Rochelle @ Fairy Princess Costumes Says:

    Wow – they are some COOL costumes and the accessories will definitely make you look the part. Not expensive either considering what you’re getting for you money! Awseome!
    .-= Rochelle @ Fairy Princess Costumes´s last blog ..Fairy Princess Teen Costume =-.

  2. Elton @ Evil Clown Costumes Says:

    These Halo Costumes are awesome. Look just like the real thing. Who ever wears it can really get into character easily. Really helps when role playing. Won’t be surprised if the boys end up wearing this for many days after Halloween.
    .-= Elton @ Evil Clown Costumes´s last blog ..Do-Follow Blog, CommentLuv, KeywordLuv =-.

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