Sexy Vampire Costume

This Halloween let the boys see the seductress in you in a new light with a sexy vampire costume. The ghoulish and macabre one. Let it not be said that Count Dracula is the only member of the species who can both seduce and horrify.

You, dear girl have it in you to both entice and mortify all those you set your eyes on. So lead your man on in that sexy silken witch outfit, complete with flowing cape, and yet showing off your curves.

If you are in that hot, sultry and sinful mood of yours why not dress in tight black clothes from head to toe, so that you not only give more than a hint of what you have, but also have him close enough for you to sink your plastic fangs into.

Love Bite Vampire Adult Costume

The Love Bite Vampire costume includes a red and black corset top, skirt with attached garters, neck piece and mini hat with bat applique.

The vampire in you would really come into her own if you wore a long flowing pristine white costume with sufficient hint of cleavage, and long plastic fangs tipped in red. The costume itself should have blotches of red on it. Guaranteed to send shivers down your lover boy’s spine!

Fang Bangin Fun Vamp Adult Costume

Includes an indecent satin black and burgundy stand up collar a hip length removable cape with scalloped edges, adjustable straps with hooks, and a belt with pentagram and chain detail. A sexy choker with a silver ring and vampire fangs are also included to complete this saucy ensemble.

For those of you femme fatales who really want to make the creepy feeling sink right into your audience, go for embellishments. Wear a grotesque vampire necklace, team that with a vampire wig, and go for those extra long fangs, and no man will be able to hold your gaze. You may on the other hand want to try out the sexy little vampire red dress. This consists of a satin red and black cape, has a high collar and can be tied around your shoulders. This can be teemed with red long boots, and you are diva and blood thirsty vampire rolled into one.

sexy vampire adult costume

Moonlight Bite Lite Up Vampire Adult Costume

Included in this sexy vampire costume is a gloss stretch halter dress with lace, jewel details and attached skirt with red fiber optic lights with hidden pocket for light on and off switch. A reversible satin cape and vampire fangs are also included in this beautiful blood-sucker’s ensemble.

Another option which might appeal to your wicked sense of aesthetics is the gothic vampire get up. Wear a long black figure accentuating one piece dress. Team it with a crimson corset with ribbon and lace embellishment, as also a vampire wig, and plastic fangs, and you the picture of an evil seductress from the medieval times out on her midnight prowls.

Burlesque Victorian Vampiress Adult Costume

includes a Gothic flower lace top with front lace hip drape and sleeves, back satin train skirt with attached panty, velvet lace-up waist cincher, choker with vampire collar and matching top hat.

You may want to be the female counterpart of the elegant count of Transylvania himself by dressing up as the female Dracula. Let your top be black, figure hugging and revealing, and contain a high collar and tuxedo tails. Match that with a halter skirt and a choker, and you are ready to spill blood.

Countess Carmella Adult Costume

Attract your blood sucking hero in a mock corset dress with attached stand-up collar and front leg slit. Opera length gloves are also included to seduce him into a wicked web of wonderment. Let him have your neck

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