Star Trek Halloween Costume Ideas

Want to be your favorite Star Trek character for Halloween this year? Here you will find some of the coolest Star Trek Halloween costume ideas around.

Space – the final frontier. This concept simply puts a treasure trove of costume possibilities for Halloween night – for both the older generation and the new generation. Many people are a die-hard fan of the William Shatner led team, and somehow, cannot not relate to the new generation series of Star Trek.

Now if you were to dress up as one of the favorite character from the original series, Mr. Spock, this costume is for you – a blue shirt, dickie and the embroidered emblem. What you need now is a Mr. Spock wig, Mr. Spock mask and a Star Trek phaser gun, and you are ready to take on the universe! Do we detect a smile on the inscrutable Mr. Spock’s face?

Star Trek Movie Blue Shirt Deluxe Adult Costume

Includes a comfortable jersey in blue with shining silver bands at wrists, an attached black dickie and an embroidered Star Fleet emblem. Live long and prosper.

Come to think of it the uniforms from the original Star Trek series are not really that difficult to put together, if a few basics are observed. The insignia is really the defining part of the Star Trek costume. In order to make it you can stitch or spray paint it on to a patch of fabric. The same patch can now be affixed to the front of the uniform, and voila your Star Trek costume is ready!

Star Trek Movie Red Shirt Deluxe Adult Costume

Includes a comfortable jersey in red with attached black dickie and an embroidered Star Fleet emblem. The shirt for boldly going where no man has gone before!

The Star Trek shirt is a vital garment. Take a white long sleeved t-shirt. Dye it the required blue, red or gold color in accordance with the character you want to portray on Halloween night. To complete the star trek Halloween costume wear a black t-shirt inside with a collar smaller than that on the dyed t-shirt worn outside.

Star Trek Next Generation Blue Shirt

includes the black and blue shirt featuring fine panel detailing, pips, and a Star Fleet insignia communicator pin. Wear yours with great pride!

Rank Braids complete the outfit and are a lot of fun. These consist of gold ric-rac at the end of the uniform sleeves and can be easily procured from any craft store. The more of these you have on your arm the higher your pecking order among the Star Trek crew.

Star Trek Movie Red Dress Adult Costume

This deluxe red Star Fleet dress is short and sweet! An attached black dickie and an embroidered Star Fleet emblem make this ensemble perfect for performing all of your cadet duties. Boldly go where no woman has gone before!

Coming back to the TV series, who can forget the ravishing beauties that starred in it? A fine representation of this can be had in this typical red Star Trek costume. This comprises again the dress with the attached dickie and embroidered logo and looks really great on a woman.

Star Trek
Phaser Gun

Star Trek Spock Ears

Star Trek Spock Wig

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Halloween they say is all about keeping away evil spirits from us by pretending to be as grotesque and outlandish as them. Our friends from Starship Enterprise can help us do that quite well. So go trick or treating in the heroic star trek Halloween costume.

Beam ‘em up Scotty!

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    If you are tall, you can dress up in a Mr. Spock shirt with embroidered insignia. The proper eye make-up and wig, with special accessories like Spock’s trademark ears and a phaser can be great finishing touches.

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