Victorian Halloween Costumes

Looking for dark and mysterious Vicortian Halloween costumes?  You have come to the right place!  Here you will find a variety of Victorian costumes, including the famous Victorian vampire costume and Victorian pirate costume.

Halloween has been considered as a festival that is unique among the rest.  Unlike most other holidays and festivals that are being celebrated all over the world, Halloween does not celebrate the brighter things in life.  Instead, it pays tribute to everything dark, gory and mysterious.

Despite this image of what Halloween is all about, not all costumes that are being worn during Halloween are ghoulish and dark and horrific.  In fact, there are some that are actually rather elegant, sophisticated and bright.

Burlezque Victorian Vampiress Adult Costume

includes a Gothic flower lace top with front lace hip drape and sleeves, back satin train skirt with attached panty, velvet lace-up waist cincher, choker with vampire collar and matching top hat. Whether you’ll be traveling alone or with the covenant, this costume is perfect for hitting all of the hot Halloween haunts!

Victorian Halloween costumes have become increasingly popular as a choice for people looking for a Halloween costume.  Unfortunately, you will need to know a bit of history in order to properly pull off a Victorian costume for Halloween.  If you want to conjure up a Victorian costume for this year’s Halloween party, here are a few ideas to help you out:

Victorian Vampire Adult

Step out for a night on the town, the shine of a gas light behind you, enrobed in a silver/black vest – complete with attached sleeves, chain trim and a dickey with attached cravat. Finish the ensemble with the included period-inspired cape and shroud yourself in mystery. Dare to be debonair and alluring – this costume spells power, wealth, and best of all: style.

For ladies, many people think of the Victorian sassy pirate costume or the Victorian vampiress costume.  First, you want to find a floor-length gown that is rather fitting on the upper portion of your body and flowing on the bottom.

Victorian outfits for women tend to be very detailed, so the more detailed the designs are, the better the dress would be.  Just make sure that the details are mostly pearls and lace since these were extremely popular during Victorian era.  To top off the look, opt for a shawl in a matching color instead of a coat.

Victorian Vampira Adult

The Victorian era: a time when wealth meant power and power meant looking great. Women lavished themselves with only the best. Look your most exquisite and richly adorned in the Victorian Vampira costume. This period-inspired dress features a silver/black bodice and a shimmering black skirt. A lush black capelet, lovely lace trimmed bustle, and ribbon choker are also included to complete this darkside damsel’s design.

The gentlemen, the famous Victorian vampire or pirate costume comes to mind.  To pull this off it would be a good idea to rent a suit with straight pants and tapered at the ankle.  The shirt would be rather fitting to the body, and it goes the same for the coat.  Choose a suit that is colored white, gray or stripped.  Accessorize your costume accordingly.  Make sure that you wear cufflinks and a gold button for the shirt.

Victorian Lolita Adult Costume

The Victorian Lolita costume includes a red coat with black trim, white lace collar, and attached white under dress. The coordinating choker is also included to tie together this sexy seductress’ ensemble.

Hats were so much in fashion during this period as well.  So make sure that you have a fitting hat for your outfit.  You can rent out some of these in costume stores that you can find in your local mall.  On top of that, ladies are also fond of parasols, so having one would definitely complement your Victorian Halloween costume.  For gentlemen, try getting your hands on a walking cane to add to your costume.

Sassy Victorian Pirate Adult Costume

Create the same affect this Halloween dressed as a Sassy Victorian Pirate. Includes a two tone brown dress with tan trimming and a pirate hat to match.

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The hairstyles for women during this period are rather difficult to do, unless you are a professional hairstylist.  The best way to pull this off with very minimal effort is to get your hands on a wig that is already fashioned to the hairstyles during this time.  Again, you can find all of these in your local costume stores.  You can even find a few over the Internet as well for sale.

So be creative with these dark and myserious Victorian Halloween costumes, and overall have fun with it!

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