Watchmen Costume Ideas

Looking to be your favorite Watchmen character for Halloween this year? Here you will find some of the most popular Watchmen costumes and Watchmen costume ideas, including the all famous Watchmen mask!

The watchmen are ever popular heroes who once guarded us from all manner of evil. Who can deny their contributions in saving mankind from ultimate destruction?

Well that’s what we would like to believe and Halloween gives us the chance to show them our gratitude by dressing up like them! The watchmen costumes really gel with the Halloween scheme of things as they are so varied, whacky and full of character.

Watchmen Rorschach Deluxe Adult Mask

Wear your deluxe latex Rorschach mask with the same pride he does. But be careful… you could find yourself getting attached to it.

It is because the Watchmen stories were not your typical comic book of super heroes, but a more adult and nuanced look at veterans who do well for society.

Watchmen Dr. Manhattan Deluxe Adult Mask

This, combined with super intelligence, makes him a force to be reckoned with. Because of his extraordinary nature, he sometimes has a little trouble relating to regular people, but that’s just the way the super-ball bounces.

Here are a few of the ever popular characters from the popular comic strip, whose costumes are now available – Rorschach, The Comedian, Night Owl II, The Silk Spectre and Ozymandias. Accessories like Silk wigs, Rorschach’s mask, hat and glove, as well as Night Owl II’s cowl and glove are also available easily.

Watchmen Night Owl Deluxe Adult Mask

Be the gadget-man and bird of prey from the Watchmen with this professionally sculpted, bronze-toned deluxe latex mask that features awesome owl-like goggles and includes a brown felt cowl.

You can get your hands on your favorite watchman character Ozymandias costume which includes a jump suit with engraved chest muscle with attached boot tops, eye mask, belts and cape.

Watchmen Ozymmandias Adult Costume

The Ozymandias costume includes a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, cape and eyemask.

You can now also lay your hands on a hot new plus size Rorschach which includes a long coat with neck scarf and attached belt, fedora hat and typical Rorschach mask. Then again you might also want to check out the cool Night Owl costume which consists of a jump suit with engraved chest muscle and attached shoe covers and head piece with attached cape and belt.

Watchmen Rorschach Adult Costume

Includes the green trench coat with belt, neckscarf, the Rorschach nylon mask and fedora hat. It’s a simple look, but it works for him.

If it was always The Comedian for you, this Halloween is your chance to be him. You can obtain his eye mask, belt gloves and deluxe jumpsuit with built in chest muscle, attached boot tops and 3 D armor pieces. Wow! That is quite a package for a comedian.

Watchmen Comedian Adult Costume

includes an armored muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, molded shoulder and elbow pads, eyemask, fingerless gloves and utility belt. Protect the people from their biggest enemy.

And how can we forget the ladies. The lovely Silk Spectre. Her enchanting watchmen costume consists of a black and yellow zipper front romper with attached garters. You can team it with long gloves and thigh high boot tops. Women and teens are sure to turn many heads this Halloween with this number.

Watchmen Silk Spectre Adult Costume

includes a yellow and black toned romper made from stretch fibers, garters, gloves and boot tops for an ensemble that is sleek, stealthy and super!

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And, what about Dr. Manhattan? We can try and emulate his formidable presence by donning the Dr Manhattan mask made from deluxe latex, one size fitting all, including adults.

These are just a few watchmen costume ideas for you to get started, remember their are many characters so be creative with your costume and just have fun!

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